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Koizumi's Haruhi Analysis

The Anthropic Principle is a way of thinking which proves the existence of reality through our awareness of it. Humans are aware of the universe, and therefor the universe exists. We observed the laws of physics and other sciences and proved them to be factual. If humans had not evolved to our current, sophisticated state, there would be no entity to monitor the existence of the universe. The existence of humanity permits the existence of the universe.

However, as Kyon has stated, the universe would obviously still exist in the absence of humans, though it could be said that it is our acknowledgment of the universe that proves it's existence. However, is it not an amazing coincidence that the conditions on our planet happen to be exactly perfect to sustain human life, while all others we have discovered are uninhabitable? The Anthropic Principle cannot be considered scientific, but it does raise interesting questions when applied to Haruhi Suzumiya.

Many of my colleagues believe haruhi to be God. Personally, I view her more like a vessel of God, a human who was somehow granted Godly powers. If she were truly God, why would she walk the earth alongside us, and why would she be so ignorant of her abilities? The fact is, whatever your opinion of her, she has the ability to shape reality in seemingly any way she desires. Anything she believes becomes true, and any wish she makes is granted. The reality we exist in is similar to existing in Haruhi's dream. In fact, it is possible that she subconsciously created this entire world. It is even possible that the world was created as recently as five seconds ago. If you were created with artificial memories of your life before five seconds ago, how could you prove if they actually took place or not?

Three years ago, I obtained my current psychic abilities, and I immediately knew that Haruhi was the cause, despite not having ever met or seen her before. I thought I had gone completely insane at first, but then I found that there were others like me, and we all knew that Haruhi was the source of our abilities. However, our abilities only awaken under very certain conditions. It is only in special spaces created by Haruhi that our ESP awakens.

We already knew that Haruhi was the source of these spaces, and my observation of her has confirmed this. Whenever Haruhi becomes angry or emotionally unstable, a closed-space is born. These spaces are small, alternate dimensions that exist in the same space as locations on earth, specifically in Japan, and only those granted this ability by haruhi have access to enter those spaces. Inside these spaces exist creatures we call the celestials, enormous featureless giants that destroy anything in their sight. As they continue to rampage, the space grows, and more celestials appear. We do not know what would happen if a space were allowed to cover the entire world. Perhaps the earth would be destroyed, or perhaps a new reality would take its place. As the only beings capable of doing so, we have taken on the duty of preventing that from happening and take it upon ourselves to find and enter every closed-space that appears. We destroy the celestials we find in each space, not only preventing the growth of the space but destroying the space itself, forever.

Now, there remains the subject of Haruhi's behavior. My agency believes that keeping her content with the world that exists will prevent Haruhi from destroying it. Therefor, measures must be taken to prevent her from becoming dangerously upset.

I do not believe it to be a coincidence that immediately after wishing for the existence of aliens, time travelers and ESPers, she met me, Yuki and Mikuru. I believe that it is because of her that the three of us exist. The reason she has never become aware of our true natures lies in her common sense. Though she is bored with ordinary life and has a strong interest in the fantastic and paranormal, she still possesses the reasoning of an ordinary human being. I doubt she would even believe us if we told her what we were. But if she did, that too could have dangerous effects. If Haruhi believed, for example, that aliens, time travelers and ESPers were ordinary and common place, than that would become the truth, and they would be everywhere, completely changing our reality. We probably wouldn't even be aware of this change, since for us, life would have always been that way. That is why Haruhi must never become aware of her powers, for I have become rather fond of the world the way it is and would be very cautious of any new one that might be created.

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