Sekai wo Ooi ni Moriageru Tame no Suzumiya Haruhi no Dan / Save The World by Overloading it with Fun Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade

Nagato's Haruhi Analysis

Long before humans evolved, another intelligent race composed of data existed in the universe. The evolution of data was split into many evolutionary paths, some of which were simple beings that grew by consuming the data of less powerful entities. Other races, such as my own, evolved to an intelligence above that of any other race we have discovered at time of writing. Ever since it had evolved to a state of awareness and intelligence, the Data Integration Thought Entity (AKA Data Overmind) believed that it's evolution would be infinite, and that our data processing speed and accuracy would go on increasing forever until the universe became destroyed. But this was not true. Our evolution ceased, and it seemed we had reached out limit. After a certain level of evolution, our data processing was interfered with by other elements of our increasingly complicated beings, thus the development of our processing abilities would be negated by our increasingly complex data forever. We were incapable of evolving any further than we already had, and so we began to search for external sources of data that might help us.

Three years ago, on the planet earth, the Data Integration Thought Entity found a race of intelligent creatures that was not unique among the races we had so far discovered. However, there was one being in particular that was. The human named Haruhi Suzumiya was the source of a massive spike of data, far greater than any other beings we found were capable of creating. After large amounts of her data had been translated, we found that it was all gibberish. Complete garbage data with no reason or purpose. Still, Suzumiya was a being of great interest for the thought entity. We were amazed that she was capable of creating a massive amount of data, far more than she was capable of processing in her lifetime, from nothing, an ability the Data Integration Thought Entity did not have. We could not create data, but only alter that which already exists. Suzumiya was a potential key for the possibility of autoevolution. If we examined her ability to create data, it could be the key to our own evolution.

It was at this time, three years ago, that I was created and sent to earth to monitor Haruhi Suzumiya. The Data Integration Thought Entity had no physical form, and so one would have to be created in order to interact with Suzumiya. I was one of these beings, one of many human interfaces created by the Data Integration Thought Entity to monitor Haruhi Suzumiya.

After three years of remotely monitoring her, Suzumiya entered highschool. I enrolled in the same school, and joined the Literary Club, which had no members at the time. Suzumiya later unofficially occupied that room for the SOS Brigade, an unofficial club she initiated to find paranormal activity or any other occurrences that might interest her. I did not decline membership in the club, and Suzumiya soon forced the time traveler Mikuru Asahina, the ESPer Itsuki Koizumi and the ordinary human Kyon to join as well.

The orders of the Data Integration Thought Entity were to observe Suzumiya but to not significantly affect her output of data. However, there were interfaces that had other ideas, and it can be difficult for data entities to understand the concept of death in organic lifeforms. An interface going by the name of Ryoko Asakura wanted to kill the human Kyon and observe Suzumiya's reaction and the change in her output of data. Since this would be against the orders of the Data Integration Thought Entity, I overran Asakura's defensive data and deleted her. I do not plan to interfere with any future human affairs unless similarly desperate.

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